Medical Billing Software

Do you have any suggestions? There are a lot of screens in medical billing software and would like to buy a book that shows me what to do with mostly all of them. Should I buy a book that explains how to use a particular type of medical billing software like Medical Manager or are there books available that tell what should go on each screen of any type of medical billing software. Most programs like Medical Mastermind and Medical Manager are similar. I think I found an answer. I teach medical billing and coding. I know of no book that teaches them all. I would recommend that you are up on your Word, Excel, Access and Outlook as many employers want. In the past I taught Lytec although now only teach Medisoft. I used Medical Manager in an office. I have not heard of or used Medical Mastermind. Virtually all of them are based on some form windows. My experience has been that most around the hospital and the doctor has his own software tailored to their specialty. For example, a cardiology office software would be different from a dermatology office. If desired, you can check out your local community college, adult school and ROP program to see what they are teaching. Most places teach Medisoft. You can check local listings to find out which programs work and want. If no school is teaching Medisoft you can go and buy it online and go through it. Do not worry about getting the most up to date version. I always advise students not to be the first office on the block to get the latest version. Let someone else deal with the bugs and glitches. What I recommend is to apply most everywhere you can think of and then applied to the agencies. They will know that employers want and may even have programs available to learn. The reason I recommend you apply everywhere first is that if an employer who met through an agency that has the pay the agency a fee. If you have already applied then the employer can choose to go through an agency or hire directly. They may have all new employees go through an employment agent initially however it is best if the employer has at least a choice about how to proceed. Write back if you have further questions. God bless and best of luck to you.

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